Competences Development in the Region

Educational projects and initiatives of Regional Competence Center Foundation:

  • The Foundation prepared materials for European Vocational Skills Week
    Foundation Regional Competence Center in Białystok in November 2020. was invited to the group of institutions and entities co-creating this year’s European Vocational Skills Week 2020 – Discover your talent! “Professionals of the future” – which is an exceptional on-line conference this year. The Foundation prepared a report for the 1st part of the 1st thematic session devoted to the role of business entities in education processes, entitled “The employer is a key partner in vocational training.” Over 1000 participants took part in the event, more than half of whom signed up and watched our panel. All materials from the event can be viewed on the VET WEEK event website. The entire material prepared by the team of our Foundation can also be downloaded and viewed HERE.
  • The Foundation engages in good practices exchange
    As part of the dissemination of results and exchange of good practices with schools and entrepreneurs cooperating with the RCK Foundation, we invite you to read the report containing the current dietary trends, prepared by the Partners of the “vetDIET” project under the Erasmus + Program, Action 2: Strategic Partnerships.


  • The foundation examines the quality of vocational education in Suwalki
    The Regional Competence Center Foundation in Bialystok in the period January – June 2020 prepared a report on the quality of vocational education, in particular in the context of its adaptation to the needs of the labor market and key employers of Suwalki relating to School Complex No. 4 in Suwalki, Technical School Complex in Suwalki and the School Complex No. 6 Karol Brzostowski in Suwalki.


  • The Foundation is involved in the promotion of vocational education
    On October 15, 2019 the Foundation organized a meeting “Competences development – good practices forum”. It promoted and dissemined good practices in vocational education under the Erasmus+ program. The main aim of the event was a discussion about entrepreneurs expectations of students’ qualification and presentation the schools’ experience in cooperation with companies.
    The participants were headmasters of school, vocational education teachers and local entrepreneurs. During the meeting was a discussion panel about experience and insights in the field of vocational training. The Forum took place in the Academic Business Incubator and Selected New Technologies of Bialystok University of Technology as a part of European Vocational Skills Week 2019.

  • Future barists from Łapy are training at the Regional Competence Centre
    From 8 to 10 December 2020 there was a baristic course. Participants were students of the hotelier technician from Zespol Szkol Technicznych im. Stefana Czarnieckiego w Lapach. The barista profession is increasingly desirable on our labor market. Course participants have acquired knowledge and skills that will make them stand out among many aspiring to be a professional in the profession. Classes consisted of theoretical and practical parts. First, there was a lecture about barista working techniques, theoretical information about coffee, milk frothing techniques and coffee finishing. In the next days, participants of the course had the opportunity to practice the preparation of drinks on professional gastronomic pressure machines and high-quality coffees. The course was run by professional barista who is graduate of ZSM in Łapy. The course ended with handing certificates.Gallery:

  • “Internships and business development” was an event organized as a part of the European Vocational Skills Week 2017. The event took place on 22 November 2017 in Bialystok University of Technology. The main aim of the seminar was promote and disseminate good practices of mobility project under the Erasmus+ program. During the meeting was a discussion about entrepreneurs’ expectations to attitudes and qualifications of vocational school students. In discussion panel participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and talk about vocational training. The meeting was also allow to exchange a good practices.


  • International youth exchange from the European Union. Project participants were youth peaople aged 18 to 30 from 9 European countries:  Spain, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland. Each group consisted of four people and had leader. The main aim of this exchenge was promotion the idea of healthy eating. Views and experiences exchange contributed to deleping tolerance, finding features connecting different cultures and blurring stereotypes.


  • Internships abroad. Projects participants were 24 students from 3 VET school (mechanic) from Podlasie. Thanks to the participation in the projects students gained practical experience.


  • Technical consultations with 20 entrepreneurs from the voivodeship Podlasie. The main aim of the consultation was determine the need for social skills of employees and candidates. The diagnose served to develop three innovative trainings.


  • Develompent and creation innovative system of 40-hour vocational training courses in a specific and narrow griuop of qualifications. Curses allowed not only time-flexible acquisition of comepetences by their participants, but also allowed dynamic assessment of acquired skills in terms of their usefulness by entrepreneurs.


  • Internships abroad. 37 students form  Zespołu Szkół Centrum Kształcenia Rolniczego im. Krzysztofa Kluka w Rudce took part in project under Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020. Gastronomy technicians and agribusiness technician had internships in foreign companies in Spain, Valencia.  Thanks to the project students gained their practical skills in profession.


  • Preparation a strategy for the develompent of vocational education (in gastronomy) in the field of international cooperation and the internship program with elements of experimental cusisine.